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You Matter was written with a purpose, to raise one's consciousness in regards to observing themselves rather than judging themselves.

It speaks to an audience who continues to feel a disconnect with loving themselves and, not being enough for anyone else. Many times our shadow of how we treat ourselves is a reflection of how we treat others and how we perceive the way others treat us.

The answer to the question "How do you get to a place where you love yourself without the rest of the world's approval" is in the threads of each chapter. As you explore the ideas, practices, affirmations, and wisdom behind the real-life experiences shared; you'll begin to become intricately aware that YOU MATTER. Owning your existence no matter how big or small you were made to feel. No matter how much you've suffered from bad experiences, childhood traumas, failed relationships or toxic work environments, you'll gain a better understanding why you are still worth it and, redirect yourself into living your best life.

Each day will be a test but, for a life that you only get to live once, live it like you matter! 

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About the author

Rayshawna G. Fraser


Founder & CEO of GLAAM, Inc. Enterprise


Harlem, New York-native Rayshawna Fraser is a serial entrepreneur, a mother, daughter, sister, friend, and the Founder of GLAAM, Inc. Enterprises. A fashion apparel and Jewelry Company. 

Fraser has enjoyed many successes including the role of Assistant Casting Director. Scouting talent from music video projects to feature films. Fraser’s keen sense of selecting talent can be seen in Mary J. Blige’s “Let’s Get It Pumpin” and “No More Drama”; Alicia Keys’ “A Woman’s Worth” and “Fallen”; and projects featuring Yolanda Adams. Her movie credits include, “G” produced by Andrew Lauren starring Blair Underwood; “The 25th Hour” starring Ed Norton and Al Pacino; “Honey” starring Sanai Lathan and Tye Diggs; and “The Fast and the Furious II” directed by John Singleton featuring Tyrese Gibson.

Today, Lior Space Vendor’s Market, in the Bergen County area is her latest enterprise. Lior Space Vendor Market is a pop-up marketplace in New Jersey that offers a fun atmosphere, networking hub, direct sales and marketing platforms held regularly throughout the year, for small business owners to display their merchandise and connect with community shoppers.

Fraser enjoys managing her business entities and producing for her collections, GLAAM apparel, GLAAMballa accessories, and Savvy Swapz ™ fashion fitness headband. Fraser is also an empowerment speaker to women survivors of abuse and at-risk youth and now releasing her first book "You Matter". She believes in a holistic approach to business, not only concerned with the bottom line but also her community at-large.

The blend of business and community is at the core of her company’s business model which is summed up by its’ acronym, GLAAM; God Loves All and Me.

Harlem Book Signing

Major thank you to all those who share this day with me!

Rayshawna Speaks

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Rayshawna Fraser has over ten years of experience in product development, working in the fashion and, children toy industry with leading brands and, building her own brand.

With that being said, not only can Rayshawna offer an engaging, inspiring and empowering message at your event or on a panel, she can also facilitate:

  • Cultivating workshops
  • Small business seminars
  • Traditional & Digital marketing classes

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